AD477 – Project Paper

Student Dictionary Template

STUDENT Dictionary Template

Each student will prepare his/her own Banking Terminology Dictionary.

Minimun 50 words. Students should send their exel Dictionary to bebore the final exam.

(download the template)

Sample Ratios for Bank Balance Sheet Analysis

Project Paper

  1. Each student has to prepare a “Project Paper” (PP).
  2. The PP topic is “Evaluating the Performance of ABC Bank”
  3. Each student should choose a different Bank for the PP. (list of banks will be updated in the class by the instructor)
  4. You should obtain from the Bank 2 consecutive years English “Audited Annual Reports”.
  5. You should make an interview with a Manager  of the bank, to receive answers to your questions on the Bank Performance. You should obtain his/her “Business Card” and staple it to your project paper.
  6. The ssuggested “CONTENT” of your PP may be as follows:
    1. Interview Evaluation Form (click here and print the form).
    2. General Background Information
    3. Banking Strategy and Mission Statement
    4. Financial Highlights
    5. Balance Sheets (TL, USD, %Mix), (incresase-decrease in B/S captions) and (Common Size Analysis by equating Total Assets =100%) 1.Vertical & 2.Horizontal Analysis. To see an example of Vertical & Horisontal Analysis
      Exaple 1 exel please tick this line.
      Example 2 exel please tick this line
    6. Statements of Income (incresase-decrease in I/S captions) and (Common Size Analysis by equating Total Interest Income =100%) 1.Vertical & 2.Horizontal Analysis
    7. General Analysis of the Balaance Sheet, and Income Statement changes between 2 years
    8. Ratio Analysis (to download sample ratios)
      1. Capital Adequacy
      2. Asset Quality
      3. Earnings and Efficiency
      4. Liquidity
        Ratio Anaylisis of a Samaple Bank  exel sheet
  7. SWOT Analysis
  8. Conclusion