INF509 – Syllabus

Instructor: Bülent Şenver

Office: 0212 296 7116


Class: Monday 10:00 – 14:00

Objective: The course mainly aims to build and develop a fundamental understanding of the practical applications in investment banking, the structures and market practices that shape the increasingly global nature of the industry.

The course will address to examples of currently applied investment banking practices in methods of funding, types of funding, stages in funding and, included in these general topics, methods of public issues, types of underwriting commitments, pricing methodsand policies, corporate mergers and take-overs and other related topics from the point of view of the investment banker.

Grading :

-Mid-Term Exam : 30 points

– Term Paper : 20 points

– Final Exam : 50 points

Reference Textbooks :

-John F.Marshall and M.E.Ellis ; Investment Banking and Brokerage

-Gardener, Edward and Molyneux , Philip ( editors ), Investment Banking, Euromoney Books, 2nd edition, 1995

Course Outline:

  • What is Investment Banking ?
  • Industry Structure
  • Corporate Finance – Underwriting and Syndication
  • Public Finance
  • Secondary Market Making – Dealer / Broker Activity
  • Corporate Restructuring – Mergers, Acquisitions, and Leveraged Buyouts ( LBOs )
  • Financial Engineering
  • Clearing and Related Operations
  • Funding and Risk Management