IF3215 – Sample Questions

IF 3215 EXAM Resit 28 JAN 2015 (90 minutes)

Q(1) Explain in detail all the risks that is considered in the Basel 2 minimum capital adequacy ratio. (50 marks)

Q(2) Banking Risks are becoming more complex. Explain in detail the future challenges of Banking Risks. (50 marks)

IF 3215 FINAL EXAM 13 JAN 2015

Q(1) a. Explain the different types of Liquidity Risks of Banks (15 marks)

b. If a bank treasury department faces a “Negative Maturity Mismatch” what

actions may the treasury department take to solve this liquidity problem?

(20 marks)

Q(2) One of the Market Risks is “Interest Risk”. List & explain in detail the different types of Interest Risks (35 marks)

Q(2) How many different types “Position Risks” you know for Banks? Explain each in detail. (30 marks)


IF 3215 Early Final 16 December 2014

Q(1) Liquidity Risk is managed by the Treasury Department of a Bank. List the different types of actions that a Treasury Department of a Bank may take to solve the “Negative Liquidity Mismatch” problem of the Bank. Prepare your list in the order of priority. (30 marks)

Q(2) Bank for International Settlement (bis.org) has determined minimum capital requirement for Banks to control the Capital Adequacy Risk of Banks. Explain in detail the BIS Capital Adequacy requirement. (35 marks)

Q(3) Write an Article on the topic of “Off Balance Sheet Risks in Banks” to be published in the “Bankers Magazine. (35 marks)

BAHÇEŞEHİR IF3215 Risk Management in Banks Mid-Term Exam 25.11.2014

Q(1) There are different sources of Risks for Banks. (30 marks)

a) List the different sources of Risks for Banks (15 marks)

b) Explain in detail i) Market Risks & ii) Ethical Risk (15 marks)

Q(2) List & explain in detail the different types of “Off Balance Sheet Risks” of Banks (40 marks)

Q(3) a) List the names of” Loan Risks” of Banks (10 marks)

b) Explain in detail any 5 of the above Loan Risks (20 marks)



07 January 2014 – Time allowed: 2 hours

Q(1) (35 marks) Explain in detail the CAMELSO Risks of banks.

Q(2) (30 marks) Explain the different types of Off-Balance Sheet Activities of Banks and their related Risks

Q(3) (35 marks) Explain in detail 12 reasons why Risk Management will become more complex for banks in future.



Time allowed: 90 minutes

Instructor: Bülent şenver

Q(1) (40 marks) Explain the different types of Loan Risks that every bank management faces.

Q(2) (35 marks) Explain Foreign Exchange Risks a bank has to manage.

Q(3) (25 marks) Explain the different sources of banking risks.