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2008 USA Sub Prime Loan Crises Video

İtibar Yönetimi Riski Rehberi BDDK .pdf

Board Photos

  1. Capital Sources .jpg
  2. Bank intermediation services & related risks .jpg
  3. Sources of Banking Risks .jpg
  4. Bank Balance Sheet 5 Groups .jpg
  5. Income Statement of Banks Summary 4 captions .jpg
  6. Balance Sheet and Income Statement relationship in Banks .jpg
  7. Interest Earning Assets and Interest Bearing Liabilities in Banks .jpg
  8. Non Interest Income sources in Banks .jpg
  9. Share Capital concepts on a Banak Balance Sheet .jpg
  10. Market Risks for Banks .jpg
  11. Foreign Exchange Risks for Banks .jpg
  12. Foreign Exchange Position Stragies for Banks .jpg
  13. Share Holders Equity Umbrella for Banks .jpg
  14. CAMELS – O Banking Risks and Basel II .jpg
  15. Liquidity Management Definition for Banks .jpg
  16. Off Balance Sheet & On Balance Sheet Analysisi .jpg
  17. Major Off Balance Sheet Activities .jpg
  18. Loan Risks Part 1 .jpg
  19. Loan Risks Part 2  .jpg
  20. Types of Foreign Exchange Risks .jpg
  21. Banking Risks are becoming more Complex .jpg
  22. Position Risks in Banks .jpg
  23. Share Holders Equity and Loss relationship in Banks .jpg
  24. Interest Rate Sensitivity GAP Formula .jpg
  25. Interest Rate Sensitivity GAP Strategies .jpg
  26. Types of Interest Risks .jpg
  27. Off Balance Sheet Risks  .jpg
  28. On Balance Sheet Risks .jpeg
  29. Position Risks .jpeg
  30. Basel I-II-III .jpg
  31. 6 “C” Test to reduce Loan Default Risk .jpeg
  32. Sosurces of Bank Income  .lpeg .
  33. Politican Risk versus Financial Risk matrix .png 
  34. Political Risk Map .png    
  35. Treasury Actions for Negative Liquidity Mismatch .jpg
  36. Duration Calculation Table .jpg
  37. Types of Loan Concentration .jpg
  38. Liquidity Management Definition for Banks .jpg
  39. Risk Elements .pdf
  40. LIBOR Interest Rates .jpg
  41. Asset & Liability Mismatch .jpg
  42. Position Risks a)Foreign Exchange Position b) Interest Sensitivity GAP Position .jpg 
  43.  Balance Sheet of a Bank .jpg   
  44.  Income Statement of a Bank .jpg
  45. ANNUAL REPORT of Garantibank 2017 .pdf 
  46. BALANCE SHEET Assets of Garantibank 2017 .pdf 
  47. BALANCE SHEET Liabilities of Garantibank 2017 .pdf 
  48. OFF BALANCE SHEET ITEMS Garantibank 2017 .pdf 
  49. INCOME STATEMENT of Garantibank 2017 .pdf
  50. STATEMENT of CASH FLOW Garantibank 2017 .pdf
  51. Liquidty Risks .pdf
  52. Transfer & Conversion Risk (T&R) .pdf

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