FEC594 – Project Paper

  1. Student Dictionary – Each student should prepare Ethical Issues in Finance Student Dictionary & sent it to the instructor by mail (bulentsenver@gmail.com) before the final exam. Please tick & download & use the template prepared for you. 
  2. Ethical Case Presentation in Class – Each Student should prepare an Ethical Case Analysis & present this case in the class. The case study content is standart and should be as follows:

    1. Name of Student:
    2. Name of Bank or Financial Institution:
    3. Case Nickname:
    4. Source of Information:
    5. Ethical Concepts related with the Case:
    6. What is Unethical:
    7. Solution & Suggestions:
    8. Case Details (5W & 1H) (When, Where, Who, What, Why % How) :
    9. How would I have acted if I was in their shoes:
  3. Analysis of a financial institution’s “Ethics Code” (Code of Ethics) – Each student should get a copy of a financial institution’s “Ethics Code”. Read and review the content. And prepare a “Critics Report” about the “Ethics Code” (strong points, weak areas, areas to criticize, areas to praise).