Banking in the 21st century will be technologically driven. Globalisation, disintermediation, competition, emerging markets and technology will be the challanges of the future of banking.

Electronic Banking is a must to survive in the banking arena. Automated Teller Machines (ATM), Point of Sales Terminals (POS), Electronic Fund Transfer Systems (EFT), Call Centers, Telephone Banking, Internet Banking, Digital Television Banking, GSM Mobile Banking and Virtual Banking are the new tools used in giving banking services to the corporate and individual customers.

Electronic Banking Course will cover all the new E-banking concepts, innovations and implementations which will make the bnak of the future survive ni the 21st century.

Join the E-banking Course to learn how banks will compete witheach other and with the other non-bank competitors using the most sophisticated and the state of the art electronic technology, communication technology and the information technology.

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