BAF351 – Project Paper

Project Paper Details:
PP should be delivered to the instructor before the last course day. 
Assignment Project Paper
  1. Each student has to prepare a “Project Paper” (PP).
  2. The PP topic is “Financial Statement Analysis of ABC Bank.
  3. Each student should choose a different Bank for the PP.
  4. You should obtain 2 consecutive years English “Audited Annual Reports”.
  5. The suggested “CONTENT” of your PP may be as follows:
    1. Banking Strategy and Mission Statement
    2. Financial Highlights
    3. Balance Sheet
      A) (TL, %Mix Analysis Common Size Analysis by equating Total Assets =100%),
      B) (Incresase-Decrease in B/S captions analysis)
    4. Statements of Income
      A) (Increase – Decrease in I/S captions) and
      B) Mix% Analysis Common Size Analysis by equating Total Interest Income =100%
    5. General Analysis of the Balaance Sheet and Income Statement, (changes between 2 years)
    6. Ratio Analysis. (You should choose 3 ratios from each category below. Calculate the ratio for 2 years. Comment whether the ratio increase or decrease is a good or bad sign for the bank.
      1. Capital Adequacy
      2. Asset Quality
      3. Earnings and Efficiency
      4. Liquidity
    7. Sample Ratios Exel Sheet
  6. SWOT Analysis (Strong, Weak, Opportunities, Threats)
  7. Conclusion